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What is Extended Reality XR?

What is Extended Reality XR?

Extinct From Eden is an exciting, fast paced, optional third person action-adventure video game developed by Cryptic Studios and published by Vivendi Universal Games S.A. The story of the game takes place in a corporate world where the corporation has developed a new virtual reality game called “ORPG,” or “Virtual Realities.” Their first product, an massively multiplayer online role playing video game (VRP), was a huge success. As the success of the first offering encouraged the development of more such titles, Cryptic Studios was able to introduce what is now known as “Extended Reality,” or XR.

For those unfamiliar with the terminology, “Extended Reality” means the blending of real-life psychology with game-like attributes. In many ways, this is similar to the “immersion” used in popular massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPGs). However, it goes one step further by incorporating elements of the uncanny valley, the creepy world where anything seems possible. Perhaps, the most interesting attribute of this game is the ability for a player to become almost entirely immune to his or her own consciousness. The game can be experienced from virtually any location in the world.

Players enter a computer terminal which appears to be functioning like any other modern day computer. Within are two digital “frames,” which contain information. One is called the “host” frame and the other is called the “player frame.” In addition to the two frames, information can be input and accessed from other computer terminals located throughout the facility. These are sometimes referred to as “cells.”

Inside each frame, the host frame begins to receive information. It initially enters the memory of the second frame and begins to store the information. At regular intervals, the contents of these cells are fed into the memory of the main frame. The process flows until the desired information has been input and stored, at which point it is refreshed to reflect the latest information.

What makes XR so intriguing is the way in which it fools the individual’s perception of time and space. Although the world around you appears the same way in each frame, each cell within the grid is filled with information that is different from one frame to the next. Due to the way in which the information is fed into the correct cell, there is no way to tell when it is the right time to do something. This creates a powerful mental state which allows the player to use time and space more effectively.

While some people believe that XR is a mind game, those who play the game call it an “artistic language.” Players describe the experience as an awakening of their sixth sense. As each frame fills with more information, the players will be compelled to look deeper into the layers of reality. At the end of each frame, the experience is similar to a dream, or a vision of the future.

In fact, XR players often describe the experience as a vision of the past, present, or future. Players are taken back through time, to a point where they were a child, or a small child, and witness the rise of a new reality. As each frame reveals a bit of information, the player is able to use that information to change the future of that reality by choosing the actions that will result in the most positive results.

Of course, being the creator of this very unique gaming genre, NeuroLactic Games was forced to take a step back and look at its future. Unfortunately, without any self-imposed deadlines, the team behind Neurail have revealed few details. One thing they did confirm, however, is that the game will feature some “props” or hidden content for players to seek out and investigate. If you’re looking for a new mental challenge, and a chance to escape your normal life for a while, then this could be the right game for you!

David B Honeycutt

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