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Extracted Reality – Brainwave Entrainment For Total Reality

Extracted Reality – Brainwave Entrainment For Total Reality

Extended reality is a relatively new term referring to virtual and/or real-and-computer augmented environments and human-Machine interaction generated by advanced computer systems and technologies. E.g. in virtual reality, a person may be walking down the street while in a business setting and suddenly get a call from their supervisor, who is in another state. They may be flying on a airplane when an important meeting is being held. They may be in a prison cell and have no way of knowing it, etc.

But these are just a small sample of the possibilities that exist with the power of Virtual Reality and Computer Energetics (CE) technologies. Extended Reality (XR) is the study of how computers can help humans live richer and more fulfilling lives. It’s not science fiction, it’s the future. But, as with most things, the future is always around the corner.

It’s been over 50 years since the advent of Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) technology, the brainwave frequencies needed for creating an altered perception of reality. In the past, BWE involved binaural beats, monaural sounds, or other recorded sounds that could be headphones-activated. Today, the brainwaves are recorded directly into a headset. And this technology is already helping people reduce pain in conditions such as: migraines, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and other diseases and disorders of the mind and body. It is even believed to help alleviate depression, boost self esteem and confidence, and increase productivity.

The Human Brain entrainment process requires two main components to work. One is the music source. This CD can be played in any location and is used to train the brain to fall into a deep meditative state. The second component of this process is the audio stimulus. It comes in many forms and may include sounds, pulses, or pulses of light. These sound and light sources are then synchronized with the brainwaves of the subject.

Most Human Beings are extremely susceptible to this technology. Many believe that they instinctively become more open to the truths and dreams of their subconscious. Others think that people who are afraid or anxious may benefit from this technology, while others think that those who have faith and a strong belief system will receive enhanced benefits. The belief is that if you are religious or have strong beliefs, then the programming will strengthen your belief system and allow you to experience the benefits of the program. The Science and Technology Department of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is currently examining these human consciousness technologies.

Human beings are constantly evolving and growing. Our brains grow and change every day. And just as our brains change, so too do our thoughts and perception of the world. It is for this reason that Extracted Reality XR software is so effective. The reason why XR programming is so effective is because it stimulates the brain to work at an even higher level than what we experience naturally. By increasing the brain’s ability to function at a higher degree, the user can experience things that simply cannot be done.

There are two separate components to this technology; the Brainwave Entrainment component and the Brainwave Mastery component. Brainwave entrainment utilizes a state of meditation in order to evoke positive brainwave patterns. By doing so, the brain is able to access its subconscious mind in order to receive new programming. In addition to the meditation state, this technology requires that the user record themselves into a special brainwave recording that is decoded by the brainwave entrainment unit.

Both of these programs are designed to work together. The brainwave technologies combined with the mental programming will allow the user to enter into a completely different reality where they can experience things that simply cannot be performed within our normal range of activities. If you have been struggling to find some way to achieve a sense of peace, relaxation, or even to reduce your stress levels, then maybe you should give Extracted Reality XR a try.

David B Honeycutt

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